STIIZY 40’s Infused 2.5G 5pck Prerolls

Elevate your preroll game with STIIIZY 40’s infused prerolls. STIIIZY 40’s start with .5 grams of our premium cannabis flower. Then we infuse that flower with our finest live resin and pack all that fire in a kief dusted cone. STIIZY name them 40’s to emphasize their standout potency, with each infused pre-roll consistently showcasing a rich cannabinoid profile. But STIIIZY 40’s are about so much more than just potency. Smooth, flavorful, and slow burning, STIIIZY 40’s also set a new standard for quality in infused prerolls.

Price: $50

Indica: Purple Punch, King Louis XIII, Skywalker OG, Watermelon Z


Hybrid: Strawana, Pineapple Express, Gelato, Pink Acai, Blue Burst

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