Remedy Exotic Infused Pre-rolls 1.3g

3 customer reviews

These Remedy pre-rolls contain indoor exotic nugs only, no shake or trim and rolled in premium concentrate oils and dusted with kief which give Remedies an added increase to potency. This give you a high dose of cannabis for ultimate relaxation and additional healing benefits. Potency, flavor, and convenience make infused pre-rolls popular.

  • 1 Preroll: 30
  • Available in Hawaiian punch, Jolly Rancher, Mullah Melon, BombNana, Triple OG
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3 reviews for Remedy Exotic Infused Pre-rolls 1.3g

  1. Goobs

    Fully recommend. They’re definitely a nice smoke!!

  2. Adam

    This thing doesn’t mess around. Potent and tasty!!

  3. Ashwan

    So 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 the nana-bomb taste like actual bananas

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