Packwoods Blunt

3 customer reviews

A Packwoods blunt is a luxury-level masterpiece, by all rights. The extract-infused flower itself is two full grams of hand-broken bud. The blunt is wrapped in a twisted hemp, tobacco-free Packwrap, and an engineered glass filter ensures you get a smooth, consistent draw with every hit.


  • Price: $50

-Flavors: 237 Express, One Eye Pizza, Super Fly Gumbo, Lucky Power Plant, Ocean Drive Gumbo, Bluto Gumbo, Morelato, Hot Dope Gumbo.


3 reviews for Packwoods Blunt

  1. James Dabney

    Get right or get left. Self explanatory.

  2. James Dabney

    You payin for what you get. Quality over quantity.

  3. James Dabney

    You payin for what you get. Great quality

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