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  1. Spkel015

    Best weed deliver system for anybody who doesn’t wanna leave the crib Friday deals are the best

  2. Spencer S

    The delivery service Miami deserves and needs! As simple as an Amazon delivery, this is my go to service

  3. Dylan

    Best service in Miami hands down! Everything is straight ⛽️⛽️

  4. Hildo

    Thats goog

  5. Z is for Zebra

    Always brings my order to me, and quick and timely! I love Fuego Packs!

  6. Jack

    Always comes through very easy delivery with great products 5 stars!!

  7. B Jam

    Came through when I needed some fuego while visiting Miami Beach from Cali. Great to have some flavors remind me of home while on vacation.

  8. Chassity

    The fukn best

  9. Duncan

    Quick, easy and reliable for new customers! Appreciate the prompt respons

  10. Mike NY

    The best by far!! Very good customer service and very understanding.. I will shop every time I am in the area!! Highly recommended!!

  11. Massy

    Best in town

  12. Massy

    Best in town and discreet

  13. Rocky

    Excellent customer service came threw in the clutch 💪🏿

  14. Manuel

    Awesome flower !!

  15. Manuel

    Awesome flower !

  16. David

    Fuego always comes through. Discreet never disappoints and it’s fuego foreal

  17. David

    Shits fuego foreal

  18. GT

    Great service with simple delivery!

  19. Ryan McNamara

    So I’m out of state, totally left my sleepy time good good back home and was just so crushed that I probably was gonna have a sleepless stay. And besides that, I really don’t like dealing with sketchy folks.

    Fuego has been one of the most simple straight to the point arrangements I’ve ever made on a whim. They’re legit. Very professional and polite.

    Thanks guys!

  20. Billiam

    Fast and responsive !

  21. Adam

    Great service, great product! Wish I would have known about them sooner.

  22. Gio

    Fast, efficient, friendly and good quality. Why aren’t more people tapped in? Y’all tap in man ! Super friendly, super helpful with any and all questions and, like I said the quality is there! I’m turnt right now! But once my fuegopack drops off my order I’m gonna be BIG chillin especially on Frieddays (fridays) lol
    TAP IN MIAMI. You won’t regret it.

  23. Neil

    Great friendly service & fast delivery. I’m from Canadian & I approve this cannabis.

  24. Justin Lambert

    This shop is the best in Miami! Deals on deals on deals! Just too lovely to be real. I will support these folk for all my needs.

  25. Tee

    Honestly my favorite folks! Service is always awesome and I’m never disappointed!

  26. Josh

    Great service… so quick and easy… thanks..I am visiting from Canada and very impressed with the service

  27. Hood

    Reliable and super convenient!!

  28. Alyx

    Very efficient

  29. Hailey

    They have been very responsive to all of my questions and super helpful

  30. Jonathan Bravo

    First time we love the prices and the products Definitely must visit if you are in Miami.

  31. Danny

    Straight Fuego. #1 in the 305

  32. Flores

    Great customer service! I will keep coming back! Thank you

  33. Chris Davis

    Great service

  34. Rico

    The best in Miami! Great service and always on time

  35. TheZa

    Most reliable plug in the area

    friday deals >>

  36. Jermicheal Summers

    Good quick service great selection

  37. Sergio

    very convenient delivery service with quality weed ! will be using as my main delivery service !

  38. Heather Klempf

    The exotic pre rolls and packwoods blunts were amazing.
    Delivery was so fast and easy
    Will be using Fuego Packs Miami services always 🔥🔥🔥

  39. Keyana

    100% the best weed, deliver and customer service.

  40. DZ

    Great customer service! Always on point, highly recommend if you’re in Miami!

  41. Jon

    Awesome service quick and easy,. Amazing products

  42. Tealianna Spinelli

    Tried it once, super fire!

  43. JamesRen

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  44. Eric

    Visiting the 305 area and was hesitant to try but it’s been a great experience. Thanks for making everything convenient and easy. The flower is fireeeeee

  45. John nichol

    Quick fast polite. Great product

  46. Edward

    Best ever..never a problem with fuego. Always on point.

  47. Jason

    Great customer service!

  48. Sudeep

    Visited Miami Beach in January and ordered from Fuego after stumbling onto their website. Was impressed and satisfied with the service.

    Easy process, many selections, prompt and discreet delivery. Some of the best bud I have ever smoked. Worth the price especially if you are from out of town and don’t want to
    take your chances with a stranger. This is the real deal.

  49. Carly

    Amazing service. Always reliable and can count on them for my products every time I visit Miami.

  50. Juli

    Great service. Very professional. Excellent customer service.

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  52. Maxwell

    Always responsive and on time

  53. Amaris Domally

    Communication was prompt and ordering process was easy and simple! Will be ordering again!

  54. Lane

    Very responsive, super quick and good deals. Loving this delivery service

  55. Jt

    Very good a friendly, awesome business

  56. Jt

    Very good, awesome business

  57. Alfonsomop


  58. AlvinJax

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  59. Daniel

    Best weed , great customer service

  60. VincentHaili

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  61. Patrickfab

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  62. William Keddell

    Excellent Flower and excellent and speedy delivery.

  63. Bill K.

    An excellent service. Good flower and good fast service. One happy customer.

  64. Anthony

    Better People, Better Gas, Fuego Packs. Best in the biz. Anything you need, they have it, and they do it better than anyone else.

  65. AlonsoViess

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  66. Tris S

    Best service hands down! Literally got ma product in 20 minutes, shits solid

  67. Tris S

    Maddd good service. Came in 20 minutes and had me feelin funky

  68. Alex

    Best in south Florida don’t even hesitate.

  69. C S

    Love the service love the convenience. Best in Miami hands down!

  70. Gigi Escoo

    A must call every time I touch down to Miami I never have any problems and they are always so nice and quick

  71. RobertSheve

    Kaixo, zure prezioa jakin nahi nuen.

  72. I.Green

    Good service..took a little longer then expected but it was well worth the wait

  73. David D

    Best service, fast delivery, amazing customer service and very professional. Highly reccomend the fam at Fuego

  74. Mitch Moon

    Greatest selection and always on time!!!

  75. RobertSheve

    Hi, roeddwn i eisiau gwybod eich pris.

  76. Max

    Always on time. Good selection. Quick responses. A+

  77. Corey

    Quick and easy, great customer service

  78. Nik


  79. Alex

    Always the best Fuego!

  80. Evan

    🔥🔥🔥🔥. A1 quality bud

  81. RobertSheve

    Hi, kam dashur të di çmimin tuaj

  82. Daron smith

    Best in the city fast and affordable for out of state visitors

  83. RobertSheve

    Hi, I wanted to know your price.

  84. JE

    Kind and discreet delivery service. Fire Zaza! Would definitely recommend. Just got yourself a regular.

  85. Travis L

    My first time trying and definitely recommend to everyone in Miami

  86. Kevin R

    best weed in town

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