PLUGPlay Pods 1000mg

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“Let’s Play”PLUGplay invites you to experience a cannabis vaporizer as advanced as it is convenient. PLUGplay is proud to debut their distillate oil cartridges and sleek magnetic batteries. Not only does PLUGplay supply a battery that stands out among vapes, but their extraction artists are dedicated to crafting premium distillate concentrates. Plug is the premium distillate vape cartridge offered in their DNA and Exotic lines and Play is the battery that makes easy access to euphoria and wellness possible.

  • 1000mg Pod: 60
  • Available in:
  • Sativa– Trainwreck, Just Jack
  • Hybrid– Strawberry Champagne, Pineapple Express, GSC, Mango Mang
  • Indica– King Louie, Grape, Fire OG, Syndicate OG,
  • Inquire about available flavors.
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Plugplay Pod Miami

Vaping is one of the quickest & easiest ways to experience the euphoric and healing effects of Cannabis. We carry a wide range of Cannabis Oil Vaporizer Cartridges in different strains, flavors and sizes.  Each cartridge is also infused with 100% organic, all natural terpenes. This PlugPlay Miami pod will only work with a PLUGplay battery which is also available here. We guarantee the delivery of your vape carts. Each package is vacuum sealed and smell proof. Your discretion is our top priority.



3 reviews for PLUGPlay Pods 1000mg

  1. Stephan

    Great service order came in quick and exchange was smooth

    • Site Admin

      thank you Stephan! We aim to please!

  2. Dez

    This is a premium option for real smokers! My favorite is Strawberry Champagne 🍓🥂

  3. Mark

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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