Luminate Sugar/Crumble/Badder

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LuminΔte / Luminate premium concentrates is made exclusively in California using live resin processes, where whole plants are quickly frozen and processed at extremely cold temperatures. This cold extraction process allows us to capture the aroma and flavor of a plant at peak ripeness and preserve all the precious compounds all the way to the final jarring.


  • Badder: Apples and Bananas, Pink Runtz,
  • Crumble: Acai Gelato, Gushers, Oreoz,
  • Sugar: RS-11, Strawberry Lemonade, White Gummy Bears


  • 1G = 60

1 review for Luminate Sugar/Crumble/Badder

  1. Christopher Porter

    The grape pie crumble is very nice to smoke. A good relaxing head high

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