Sharpie Tartz Super Rare Flower

Super Rare Strain

All of our “Super Rare” strains go through a thorough quality control before being purchased. These buds come from a top tier indoor facility in Los Angeles that is perfectly dialed in for the best smoke you’ll find. After harvesting and curing. The buds are put through a smokers panel to determine the qualities below and allow for the “Super Rare” stamp. 

-White ash(clean burning, properly flushed)

-Red cherry(even uniform burn of the bud)

-Hang time(duration and intensity of high)


– Soil grown( Soil allows for superior quality bud)

Please note when other vendors use words such as “small batch” or “craft cannabis” that could mean anything from their closet tent grow of two plants or their buddies 20 light grow. It is not a good indicator of quality  and testing. 


1/8 (3.5g)= $70

1/4 (7.0g)= $130

1/2 (14.0g)= $250

OZ (28.0g)= Click here for special Telegram pricing!

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