Cherry Ceviche Super Rare Flower

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Super Rare Strain

All of our “Super Rare” strains go through a thorough quality control before being purchased. These buds come from a top tier indoor facility in Los Angeles that is perfectly dialed in for the best smoke you’ll find. After harvesting and curing. The buds are put through a smokers panel to determine the qualities below and allow for the “Super Rare” stamp. 

-White ash(clean burning, properly flushed)

-Red cherry(even uniform burn of the bud)

-Hang time(duration and intensity of high)


– Soil grown( Soil allows for superior quality bud)


1/8 (3.5g)= $70

1/4 (7.0g)= $130

1/2 (14.0g)= $250

OZ (28.0g)= Click here to see special Telegram pricing!

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3 reviews for Cherry Ceviche Super Rare Flower

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